Dec 21, 2009

Dream Damage

Some people think our home town, Canberra, is boring. Those people have not been looking hard enough. A case in point is Dream Damage, an independent mp3 blog and record label based in Canberra, Australia, releasing music digitally and physically.

"One of the best things that comes out of nothing is music for music’s sake and the necessary return to good, honest song writing that invokes the latent energy of a small and under appreciated town. There’s no leaching off scenes here cause they don’t exist..."

Dream Damage is much more than just a blog or a label, it has quickly evolved into an inclusive community of like-minded musicians and the people that appreciate them. There is a real energy about the collective that would surely come as a surprise to people from out of town.

The artists they represent, including a few we have mentioned on our blog before, are diverse and well worth a listen. However, seeing them play in a crowded bar or a sweaty house party quickly dispels any myths about this city being boring. Like many places, you just need to know where to look.

Dream Damage's Basketball Cards - The kids are all grown up

Jonny Telafone Tape & Assassins + Basketball Cards 7" out soon.

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