Aug 21, 2010

Last weekend

We had such a good time last weekend we thought we should probably share it.

On what turned out to be a beautiful saturday afternoon, we set off to on the road to the Penrith Regional Gallery, with our friends Wil and Tom, to go to the Disorder Disorder exhibition opening. We were feeling pretty excited about the line up of artists and the fact that it wasn't raining for once.

The traffic on Parramatta Road tried its best to break our spirit.
It meant the roadies did not last as long as we hoped, but it was sunny
and we had four iPods.

We saw this little kid sitting in a Lamborghini Diablo, we gave him
a jealous thumbs up. He was pretty happy with himself and rightly so.

Serge's car was no match for this kid's ride. Double fist-pump.

We arrived after a journey that took a bit longer than expected.
The gallery looked great, the weather was still warm, the crowd was excellent.

We listened to some speeches, they confirmed the drive was worth it.

Free sausages and beer, excellent.

Checked out the exhibition
(I know you aren't meant to take photos in galleries but I had to take this one)

Dinner round two.

and then drove back home to Sydney to watch Assassins 88

We then did the only thing we could do to cap the day off... dos capas.
It was a good day.


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