Sep 26, 2010

last few weeks

The last few weeks have been good, the sun has come out, we have come out of hiatus and are gearing up for autumn winter next year, and we have been having a generally pretty good time.

A fortnight ago we went to Nicholas Chalmers' exhibition Ze Frog and Toad. Held in Surry Hills, in the back of a converted truck he rented and drove up and down the east coast. Apart from some Surry Hills street crime across the road, it went off with out a hitch, met some nice people and had a good time.

Forgot my camera, these were taken on the phone, sorry about the quality

Then about a week later, our friend Luke had an exhibition, at Somedays. It was a really good turn out, he showed a lot of new work and we got to catch up with some friends from home.

His exhibition, Todays, runs until 10th of October in Somedays in Surry Hills, it is well worth going and checking it out.

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